The Newfoundland Club of America
2004 National Specialty
April 20 - 24, 2004

A Newf for All Reasons

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The fieldstone fireplace in the lobby seems to sum it all up. At Lake Lawn Resort, you'll find warmth, comfort, and genuine heartland hospitality. Nestled among 275 wooded acres along the shoreline of scenic Lake Delavan, the resort provides a relaxed, casual setting. It is a perfect site for fun, relaxation, recreation, and the 2004 Newfoundland National Specialty, A Newf for All Reasons.

The 284 charming rooms, including lofts and suites, are spread throughout five different, two-storied lodges. Many rooms have fireplaces, lakeview patios, or balconies.

A private dining room will provide a comfortable setting for our evening buffets and Saturday night banquet. Meals will also be available in the spacious Frontier Restaurant. The Courtyard Deli will be open through mid-afternoon. In the evening, the Frontier Lounge will provide a relaxing place to wind down after a busy day.

For those wishing to make the National a family vacation, Lake Lawn Resort has numerous activities including two indoor swimming pools, the Timber Spa, game rooms, tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, and biking and jogging trails. You may find the best recreational activity is walking your dog along the beautiful lake on the picturesque grounds.

Be a Considerate Guest

There will be ample areas to exercise your dog on the spacious grounds of Lake Lawn Resort. Only some areas will be marked off limits; please use your common sense about where to allow your dog to eliminate. Since it will be difficult for our cleanup people to patrol the entire expanse, this convenience carries the added responsibility of picking up after your dog immediately. Plastic bags, buckets, and scoopers will be provided.

Dogs left in rooms must be crated when unattended. Dogs cannot be groomed in the rooms, and all bathing must be done at the designated washing area. If you keep a dog in your room, a $100 refundable damage deposit is required when you check in. In case of damage, however, your liability is not limited to the amount of the deposit. Please remember that AKC allows disciplinary action against exhibitors who fail to take proper care of dog show sites and hotels.
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Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan, Wisconsin

Resort Website

Revised Lake Lawn Lodge/Room Reservation FormRevised

We have reserved all rooms at Lake Lawn Resort, but reservations will not be accepted prior to Wednesday, January 14, 2004. Reservations postmarked prior to January 14 will be returned. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Reservations must be made on the reservation form and must include a deposit equal to one night's lodging. The nightly rate for single or double occupancy is $99.88, including all taxes, plus a $100 damage deposit if keeping a dog in the room. When more than two people occupy a room, there is a $5 charge plus tax per night for each additional person.

Please Note: The room charges for parties three and over given in the National Specialty Brochure are incorrect. Charges for rooms with 3+ adults (18 years and over) will be $20 per person per night in addition to the double occupancy rate.

We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused. Notices will be published in NewfTide, the NCA website and along with reservation confirmations for 3+ parties.

Online and Fax reservations will be accepted beginning March 1. Rooms for overflow will be reserved at The Abbey in nearby Fontana. Daily shuttle service will be provided.

Please plan ahead and be considerate when making reservations. Every year unneeded reservations are made, only to be cancelled at a later date. This leaves many participants without rooms or in doubt about where they will be staying. It also causes confusion at the hotel. Read carefully the "Change of Length of Stay" and "Cancellation Policy" on the reservation form.
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Current weather at Lake Lawn Resort...

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Contact: Linda Larsen -

Meal Reservation Form

Evening buffets will be held Wednesday through Friday, and we invite you to join us Saturday evening for the Specialty banquet. Menus are printed below. The banquet will be limited to 450 guests. You may reserve a table for the Saturday banquet in advance by signing up in the Hospitality Room.

Breakfast and lunch may be purchased at one of the Resort's restaurants, and lunch will also be available at the outdoor stand near ringside.

Please use the meal reservation form to make your reservations. The deadline is March 31, 2004.

Weekday Dinner Buffets:
Italian Garden Salad with Pepperoni, Red Pepper, Olives, Italian Dressing
Baked Penne with Italian Sausage, Marinara & Mozzarella
Spaghetti with Garlic & Herbs
Meat Sauce, Marinara Sauce & Roast Garlic Alfredo Sauce serve with pasta
Baked Lemon Oregano Chicken
Garlic Breads Sticks
Italian Medley Vegetables
Mocha Chocolate Torte
Coffee, Decaf, Hot & Iced Tea
Mixed Garden Salad, Assorted Dressings
Ham & Cheese Salad
Sliced Fresh Fruits
Honey-Maple Glazed Ham
3 Herb Roasted Chicken
Roasted Red Potatoes
Sausage & Chicken Jambalaya
Fresh Vegetable Medley
Assortment of Fresh Baked Rolls, Wisconsin butter
Raspberry Crumble Bars
Coffee, Decaf, Hot & Iced Tea
Garden Salad with Assortment of dressings
Fresh Vegetable Crudite with Dip
Apple Sauce
Breaded Cod Fillets, Tartar Sauce & Lemon
Cajun Spiced Broiled Cod
Seafood and Pasta Newburg
Garlic Herb Roast Chicken
Wedge Cut Potatoes
Fresh Baked Rye & Assorted Rolls, Wisconsin butter
Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Coffee, Decaf, Hot & Iced Tea

Saturday Night Awards Banquet Meal Choices

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST ---- $31.50 per person
PRIME RIB ---- $37.50 per person
VEGETARIAN PLATE ---- $25.00 per person
ORANGE ROUGHY ---- $37.50 per person

Mixed Garden Greens with 2 dressings
Chef's choice of starch
Chef's choice of vegetable
Freshly Baked Rolls & Wisconsin butter
Chef's choice of dessert
Coffee, Decaf, Hot & Ice Tea

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RV Reservations

RV/Camping Reservation Form

On-site parking is available for 30 recreational vehicles. Reservations will be made on a first-come basis, but reservations will not be accepted prior to January 14, 2004. Any overnight vehicle or any vehicle or trailer longer than 26 feet must be parked in the RV area.

Recreational vehicles may be parked at the site after 3:00 PM beginning Sunday, April 18. No parking will be allowed prior to this time. The fee for RV parking is $30 per day. Hookups and water are not available, and there is an extra fee if you require the services of the "honey wagon."

To reserve your spot, contact David Feuling. Be prepared to give specific size information about your vehicle.
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Air Travel

Lake Lawn Resort is approximately 50 miles from Milwaukee's international airport, Mitchell Field, which is served by all major airlines and is the hub of Midwest Airlines. Chicago's O'Hare Airport is 90 miles from Lake Lawn Resort. Travel times vary greatly depending on the time of day.

Private aircraft, including most small jets, can be accommodated at the Lake Lawn Resort airstrip, which is Location C-59.
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Directions to Lake Lawn Resort

The Resort is located on Highway 50 east of Delavan, Wisconsin

  • From Milwaukee, take I-43 South to Highway 50 East
  • From Chicago, take I-294 to I-94 to Highway 50 West
  • From Chicago suburbs, take Highway 12 West to Highway 50 West
  • From Rockford, take I-90 West to I-43 North to Highway 50 East
  • From Madison, take I-90 East to Highway 11, Delavan exit

Link to Online Map: 2400 East Geneva Street, Delavan, WI  53115
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AKC & Communicable Diseases

AKC rules preclude any dog from being in attendance if the dog shows clinical symptoms of any communicable disease, has been in contact with any communicable disease within 30 days of the show, or has been kenneled within 30 days of the show on premises where communicable diseases existed. (Rules Applying to Dog Shows, Chapter 11, Section 9)
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Grooming Facilities

A grooming tent with electrical outlets will be located close to the show rings, and power ill be available beginning at 9:00 AM on Tuesday. Outdoor bathing facilities with warm water also will be available. If you groom from your vehicle, please remember each vehicle is limited to one parking space.
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Tribute to Rescues Displays

To honor rescue dogs, their pictures and stories will be displayed throughout the Resort. The story should fit on an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper, and pictures should be at least 5" x 7". The deadline for receipt is March 15. Send your rescue dog's picture and story to Donna Stahelin at:
2175 Collins Road
Oswego, Il 60543
630-554-9001 or 630-554-8714
Contact: Donna Stahlein -
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Consignment Shop

Consignment Shop Reservation Form

Once again the popular Consignment Shop will be the place to find numerous crafted treasures. The shop will open for business Wednesday morning and remain open through Saturday morning. We ask everyone placing items in the shop to donate several hours working in the shop.

If you wish to sell something by consignment, the fee is 20 percent. The deadline for reservations is March 15. Prior to the show you will be assigned a consignment number, and all items must be clearly priced and tagged with this number. All items must be brought to the shop; we will not accept shipped items. We will begin accepting items at noon on Monday, April 19, and cannot accept responsibility for items lost or damaged during set up procedures or while in the shop.

Contact: Carol Thonn - (815) 738-2748
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Vendor Booth Request Form

A tented area near the rings will be provided for vendors. The fee is $50 for a 10' x 10' space. The deadline for reservations is March 15.

Contact: Mary Trauernicht - - (262) 968-6959
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Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Reservation Form

If you need to reserve a meeting room during the Specialty, contact Mary Trauernicht.

Contact: Mary Trauernicht - - (262) 968-6959
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