The Newfoundland Club of America
2004 National Specialty

A Newf for All Reasons
to love,
to work,
to show,
to serve.

This show is dedicated to the memory of Mary D. Dewey.

Honorary Ring Stewards are Bob & Jean Quandt.


On behalf of the Newfoundland Club of America and the North Central Newfoundland Club, we invite you to the 2004 National Specialty. Our theme is A Newf for All Reasons, and we urge you to come and share our common love and passion for this magnificent breed by honoring the many reasons our Newfs are with us - to love, to work, to show, to serve. This National is dedicated to the memory of Mary D. Dewey, who knew and cherished these many reasons.

In addition to the breed ring, our planned events will honor and recognize the reasons that make Newfoundlands so special; an Agility Trial, two Obedience Trials, two Draft Tests, Top 20/Top 10 (conformation competition/obedience demonstration), rescue displays, expanded Honors Parade, and informational features on working and service/therapy dogs. An Education Seminar and Cardiology Clinic also are planned.

We're ready; our lovely showcase lodge, Lake Lawn Resort, is ready. Come join and celebrate A Newf for All Reasons!

North Central Newfoundland Club
Joan Gunn, Show Chairperson

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